Monday, 14 November 2011

Guigz > Mr Character

Hello, i am Guigz, previously referred to as Mr.Character.

For some of you this will be the very first blog post you've ever seen of me, for others i should appear as a notable figure and someone you actually recognise as an online bastion of truth justice and an oracle of life solving problems.
Essentially like this but more sexually attractive

This, as you would undeniably recognise me from, was indeed my previous blog Deal with life's problems, which had to suddenly retire as the format really wasn't working for me and various other reasons YOU really wouldn't understand.

Times change, so this is where base camp is located now. I have to tell you to expect much more  of the same, but this time look forward to at least 25% more hilariarity. Whilst my format will remain largely similar (In that I point out problems with life and find you a way to deal with them) one or two things will be different.

As well as this, in the last age or so i believe my knowledge and experience will rub off considerably more to help give you, the reader, a significantly better reading experience. 

Hope you enjoy

Guigz over and out

 You know it makes sense.

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