Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Videogames hate humans.

When The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim first came out i refused to buy it.

 Not because i thought it was shit, but because i believed it was way too damn good! Seriously just check out this lovely piece of graphical eye candy:

Jesus christ, this is just one section of one city in one ridiculously huge and complex game. Imagine that 10 years ago. Innovation appears to have taken us worlds away from where we once stood in terms of videogame technology. To the point where games have the ability to completely consume our minds, focus and drive.

I have owned this game now for the best part of 3 weeks and I'm not even nearly through with it (In fact i should be playing it right now) In terms of value for money (500 hours of goddamned gameplay) i almost feel as if i've cheated the company and nearly feel compelled to purchase a second copy in order to make up for the gift they have bestowed upon me (nearly). But it does beg the question: How far is too far?

If you're reading this 10 years in the future then i apologise, oh robotic overlord. But without involving myself too much in the more psychological aspects of videogaming (skinners box theory etc) i would like to suggest that videogames hate humanity.

This aptly sums up everything i just said.
Why, you ask? Nowadays games can be so time consuming and (deservedly) brilliant at destroying every last ounce of energy that you have, once a game properly takes you in, it is very easy to become hooked. Once you're hooked, you're not going to be doing much else. If you're not doing much else then who is?

Maybe not now, but it's clear to see that the industry is improving at an exponential rate that before long people aren't going to live out normal lives but prefer to live them through gaming. and why not? These worlds offer people the chance to be what they want to be and live without restrictions. Why would you even want to go to work when you can "work" virtually and make money doing it.

This is the future.

I don't mean to put a downer on life or gaming, in fact i love both. This is just what is going to happen. Don't stop playing, that would be boring. I suppose it's better to embrace the future now whilst *trying* to live in moderation (If it can work for alcohol, drugs and gambling, it can work for anything). It could make everything that much better for everyone.

Now, if you'll excuse me i am off to play some Skyrim, good day! 


  1. yea i to avoid games that i think i would love and get addicted too... my time is wasted enough as it is

  2. That's what I'm gonna look like in 5 years :(