Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Passwords and remembrance

The internet.
A ridiculously full place.
A place full of ridiculous rubbish.
I feel like i've been here before.

Would you say it's easy to get lost on the internet? I sure would. A ridiculous amount of usernames and passwords, endless URL's, making it so easy to get more lost than your first trip to the top of the alps with no ski's.

Is there anything you can do about it? Why yes, yes there is. Allow me to fill your mind with some helpful tips to allow your to navigate the internet like Christopher Columbus navigated the oceans.

* Notepad is your friend *

Here's an idea. Open up a blank notepad. Good. Now save it on your desktop. Now write down every username and password you can think of there. Including email adresses, spambots, the lot! Everything you'll need to orchestrate your way around the web in one handy little place, perfect! If this is organised properly you'll never have a problem remembering anything ever again.
Virginity not included

What you would need to do is password protect this notepad. To do this you need a master password of some description. It needs to be hard to guess (That discounts pretty much the entire dictionary then.... Damn those crafty internet folk!) So your gonnna need a method to make something horrible and rememberable.
Ok, think of a weird sentence. For example: Dan always comes to poker sundays but never even wins anything, or something else personal to you. Then take the first letter of each word and make yourself a password like this : daC2psbnEwa. Notice how thats a ridiculous pile of letters? (and a number.) This will not be guessed easily, and all you have to do is remember a sentence! Throw in some caps here and there and viola, a perfect recipe for password. You're welcome.

This will not help you on poker sundays.

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