Friday, 9 March 2012

You're gambling on your future!

Where does all the money go? I hear you ask?

Have you ever noticed that the more money you earn the faster you spend it? Even if you don't realise that it's going so fast? Probably not, until the only thing left in your pockets is burn marks.

If this recession gets worse, i'm going to have to wipe my arse with rubles.
I also have this problem. Money problems affect approximately 99% of the population (please don't suggest protest, it really doesn't work in first world countries, noone can be bothered.

Pictured: the 99%    

Remember, you are on the internet. If there is someone telling you there is a quick, fast, easy and/or cheap way to get money they are 100% lying. The worst thing is, even their own lies is unlikely to even make them money. It really is best to not even bother (unless you actually are a Ugandan 'peacekeeper' looking for an offshore bank account in which to place his money as it's currently unsafe, in which case yeah, spam email and figuring out how to evade spam filters probably is your best option)

Hello Western friend, i am looking for a temporary holding account and am willing to give you $100milUSD
The truth is, noone wants to give you free things. You do actually have to go about your business the hard way to actually earn money. Yes, it is a pain in the arse, but trust me, you'll be much better for it if you just put in some effort and earn what you recieve. There is no shortcut. You can sit down all day looking for free handouts but alas nothing will ever come to you (unless you live in england and recieve benefits, in which case you'll still need gratuitous amounts of children)

Thank you, Mr.Cameron.

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